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Misdiagnosis of Breast Cancer – Sample Case
Akron & Canton, Ohio

The lawsuit:

Woman filed a lawsuit against her surgeon and pathologist for misdiagnosing breast cancer resulting in an unnecessary mastectomy.

What happened:

After finding a breast lump, woman was referred to a surgeon for evaluation. The surgeon recommended surgery to biopsy the lump and recommended a mastectomy if the lump tested positive for cancer. During the biopsy surgery, tissue was sent to the pathology department for examination. The pathologist determined that the tissue contained cancer. The surgeon proceeded to perform the mastectomy.

At the woman’s six-week follow-up check up with her surgeon, he informed her that the pathologist had incorrectly read the biopsy slide and the cells were not cancerous. Therefore, her breast was removed unnecessarily.

Settlement: $575,000.00

If you’ve received a misdiagnosis of breast cancer due to physician error, you may have a claim. Be sure to consult a medical malpractice attorney immediately to investigate the matter, as there are strict time limitations for pursuing these types of cases.

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