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While many Akron, and Canton, Ohio, nursing homes have outstanding reputations, cases of nursing home neglect remain a concern, especially for those seeking the best care possible for their loved ones.

Nursing home neglect, which is basically elder neglect in an institutional setting, is frequently overlooked because it is so easily mistaken for something else, such as a simple accident or a patient’s refusal to cooperate.

But a little attention can go a long way in helping to detect neglect in long-term care facilities. Regularly observing your loved one’s overall appearance and demeanor will make it that much easier to detect if he or she is later the victim of neglect.

Be especially alert for signs of malnutrition and bed sores, which are indications that your loved one’s basic needs are not being met. Failure to bathe, feed or turn a resident is each a type of nursing home neglect that should not be ignored.

Other signs of potential neglect include bone fractures and bruises related to falls from a bed or wheelchair.

Nursing home neglect is sometimes classified in one of two ways:

  • Passive neglect – an unintentional failure to meet a resident’s needs, often due to a lack of training or lack of staff
  • Intentional neglect – the intentional failure to ensure a resident’s well-being, say by refusing to feed a resident or to answer his or her calls for assistance.

Whether nursing home neglect is passive or intentional, it is still neglect and should be reported and stopped.

If you suspect a loved one is a victim of neglect, be sure to report your concerns to a professional with the experience and knowledge to investigate your concerns and ensure that they are addressed. Angela Vagotis is a respected nursing home neglect attorney whose extensive nursing and legal background can help your loved one get the justice and compensation he or she deserves. Contact Angela at 330-456-4122 or fill out this form.

Carefully investigating and vetting facilities before placing a loved one can help decrease the chances of neglect. Click here to read our tips on how to assess long-term care facilities.


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