Wrongful Death: What is It? Who Can File? Who Should Represent Your Case?

The definition of wrongful death is relatively straightforward: Itís when the death of one person is found to be the legal fault of another person.

But the cause of that death may not be so simple. A wrongful death can result from all sorts of incidents, whether accidental, negligent or even intentional. These incidents can include:

States normally allow immediate family members to file a wrongful death claim in such circumstances. Depending on each stateís statutes, others affected by the death also may have standing to file an action. An experienced lawyer can help sort out the situation for you.

If youíre concerned that a loved oneís passing is the result of another personís actions (or inaction), itís important to find the right attorney to properly assess and represent your case.

Referrals from relatives, coworkers or the local bar association are a good place to start. But nothing substitutes for your own interview and personal assessment of an attorney. Make sure to ask for information about past cases and for references from former clients.

If, for whatever reason, the attorney doesnít seem to be a good fit, donít be afraid to keep looking. But still make sure to ask for a referral to other lawyers. A good attorney can set you on the right path to find the best representation for your wrongful death claim.

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